A fair meme token on the Dogechain with zero tax, a fixed supply of 10 billion tokens and no inflation.

Explore the world of token meme on Dogechain, where fairness reigns with no transaction fees! With a total fixed offer of 10 billion tokens and a guarantee against inflation.

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A fair meme token on the Dogechain Explore $MUSK Ecosystem Apps

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$MUSK is a community DRC-20 token on the Dogechain. With 10 billion tokens minted equally for equal access $MUSK is built for fun, not financial value.

Built for fun, not financial value.

It's a token for fun, uniting users in a lightweight crypto community with no developer ownership.

what is drc-20 ?

DRC-20 is a token standard on Dogechain allowing for the minting of tokens and creation of NFTs, similar to BRC-20 on Bitcoin. Launched in May 2023, it allows for cost-effective token creation.


With a total supply of 10 billion, $MUSK tokens are community-run and funded. No developer wallets, just pure decentralized fun on the Dogechain.

What is the Path Forward for $MUSK ? Discover Our Dynamic Community Roadmap!

As a community-run project, our roadmap is as unique and dynamic as our diverse team of developers, artists, and marketers.
While we don't follow a traditional, rigid roadmap, we're constantly in motion, driven by collaborative and innovative ideas. What's in store for $MUSK? Plenty! We're talking about exciting developments like telegram bots, gamification, exploring DeFi, building bridges, creating NFTs, and much more. It's all about evolving organically and embracing the decentralized spirit

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